The Chicago Phoenix – Hard Cover


  • Format Hard Copy
  • Publisher Silly Goat Media
  • Publish Date April 2023
  • ISBN 978-1-961181-00-7

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Before Larry Hall and the events of Black Bird, Jimmy Keene already had a life that most people couldn’t begin to imagine.

Jimmy Keene has a promising future that could take him all the way to a professional sports career, but instead he has been secretly running a dangerous marijuana business since he was thirteen years old. At a young age, Jimmy survives shootouts, brawls, robberies, and even a heist or two. Survival is never guaranteed. Jimmy’s business thrives for two decades until he is arrested and sent to prison. Less than two years later, Jimmy earns early release and a full pardon for aiding the FBI as an undercover operative—but his future has still gone up in smoke.

Newly freed from his perilous prison life, Jimmy is left with nothing but the memory of his former financial success and a determination to redeem his past mistakes. This thrilling follow-up to Black Bird details Jimmy Keene’s action-packed time in the drug business, shares stunning details about his mission to absolve his past, and recounts his rise from the ashes to rebuild a better life and forge his own path all the way to Hollywood.


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